Lindsay Everly’s angelic vocals ‘talk’ about a woman trekking alone through an unfamiliar dusty terrain, feeling uncomfortable in the strange new environment but remaining optimistic in her heart. Alluring & touching!” - Last Day Deaf



Nostalgic, American folk roots, acoustic and electric - Lindsay Everly's music sounds like a modern, yet distant memory. Her airy and ethereal voice create a sound that's both beautiful and mysterious.



Currently residing in the hills of Marin county near San Francisco, Lindsay Everly blends her country music influences from Wisconsin where she was raised, with her decade plus experience playing Ghanaian music and living in Ghana. Her honest songs share the joys and struggles of traveling alone, navigating relationships and spiritual philosophies.



A suitcase - the start of something new, often the end of something old. Collections of stories can be created from using only one. Tales of the solo traveler is premise of Lindsay Everly's 2022 album "Destination".

Americana music at heart, her songs tell tales of journeying through foreign lands, sitting in small cafe’s, on the cold streets of Chicago and in the golden hills of Fairfax, California - where she currently resides. Pedal steel, B3 Hammond organ, mandolin, acoustic guitar, live drums and haunting folk vocal melodies combine to create music that feels like a nostalgic, distant memory. Her musical influences include Alison Krauss and Union Station, Nikki Lane, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats and Nickel Creek.

Lindsay tours regularly across the United States, having hit stages in 20 plus states and has performed internationally as well in France, Germany, Ghana and in the Caribbean. She's worked with a Grammy-Award winning producer via an Austin-based record label and has worked directly with close staff of Elton John on both original music and music education projects.

Lindsay finds writing inspiration and peace of mind in the quaint little hippie town where she lives, just north of San Francisco. Originally from a small town just south of Madison, Wisconsin she merges her rural musical influences, travels across West Africa and the UK, with the sunny, stunning surroundings just north of the city.

Paving the way as an independent artist, she is releasing a single every month for the next year, starting November 1st, 2021 - which will later merge into the album - "Destination" . You can join her and support this journey on

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